Monday, August 30, 2010

Rugby Rover & Bradbourne Fell Race

Well, not posted in a while, have been away on Holiday and also getting ready for the new arrival of the household, little G, due in approx 3 weeks.

Not been running well at all, been getting out but just shuffling around really with no real drive or intent, training ..... well can it be called that!

:: Belper Rugby Rover ::

I entered the rugby Rover and managed to stick with the pace until the 12th Mile and then i just ran walk the rest of the way in, even though i have been getting out fro distance of that value. After some puffing and panting a finishing time of 3.31 was not the desired result but enjoyed the day out as a ran with a guy called Peter Nolan who was the 164th Member of the Bob Graham club, what a great guy to chat to and to get some advice for the attempt next year.

:: Bradbourne Fell Race ::

A wet, in fact, let me start again, a VERY wet day, got to Bradbourne and registered, nice to see a few folks, you get to see quite a few of he same face but it's one pf the great things about the sport.

Made our way to the start, after a warm up in the rain, sideways rain to be exact, had a warm up on the first climb and felt a little twinge, in my right heel, Achilles i think. I trotted of the first climb and it didn't feel so bad, so decided to start. After dropping my fleece, already wet through onto the fence, and waiting for the start, th rain began again, just tipping it down, great for the water level in the stream.

Set off steady, and just ticked of the first climb, expecting to just kick on after that, but during the second field the signs were there, the heel was giving me a sharp pain, which i didn't need, hobbled to the finish of the first lap and called it a day, not good.

It did give me a chance to see the leaders come into the finish, not a steep descent but long and fast with the stream, and then 20 yards max to the finish, nice to see Daz Holloway of fame finish in 5th i think, and a great turn out of Dark Peak runners.

A great day, but wet very wet for August, and in need of some ice....