Monday, May 17, 2010

Burbage Skyline - Tues 11th May - 5.75m/

A little late with this report,

After a frantic day at work and some last min plans we made our way to The Fox in Burbage, Stephen Shaw, Stuart Learmouth and Myself, shared the car duties, and we arrived with plenty of time in hand, good job really as the car park soon fills up.

I have never done this race before, but Stuart was telling us on the way to Burbage that it's a cracker, some deceptive climbs and it can get a little congested at the start.

After signing in and saying hello to a few old and new, had a natter with Daz and Roy Gibson who was organising the event.

Seemed to be the coldest day of May, a real cutting wind, got ready and made our way to the start a Yellow Flag, had a little look round and you could see the route from the start, Motehr Cap, Higger Tor, Burbage Brodge North was out of view, but you son got the picture of what was in store,

The number of soles who had made the trip was a real suprise, a little late starting but that was to be expected with 323 starting, the field had to be moved back twice, and then we were off, a real struggle to get going and soon at the first yellow flag which indicated a left and down and across the stream, some strange routes and lines meant that the field split and then joined for the small climb up towards Mother Cap.

I felt ok, the route meant that the field soon developed into a line, and i settled down to getting the first few miles out of the way, but noticed that i felt knackered early on, the first climb took it out of me, unsure why just felt so heavy, legs wouldn't get going, and found myself slowly going backwards.

The trot up and across the Mother Cap and Over Owler were a pleasure, seeing the sun setting and the line of runners in front, was a great sight, something that you sometimes forget to take in, the views and the whole experience of a new race.

Soon arrived at the climb up Higger Tor and then down the fast and furious descent of the plummet, a great little technical section and into the woods, i stopped fro a jelly baby and some water, and seemed to be really puffing, not good, but just kept grinding it out really,

The next section which i think i made an error, crossed the river twice, when i think if i had stayed left i would have not needed to cross at all, unsure of the route just at that point,

The next small climb up towards Burbage North saw a few peat bogs to negotiate which left me back with peat, ready for the hop across the river below the road bridge, a quick hello to Willy Kitchen then dig in to trot across Burbage Rocks. I did come across a runner she had a really bad ankle, so left my hat and water for her, as she seemed to be getting cold, whilst hobbling back. ( I have since found out that her name was Cheryl Cherdell, and she did finish) Roy Gibson has contacted me to say my hat is being returned in the post, which is cool)

I really did dig in across the top before the drop back to the path, and managed to negotiate the bog that you had to cross to get back onto the path, which from the videos claimed a few runners, John Gunnee to name one in particular.

Finished with a time of 1hr 8 mins, 30 seconds, not great, not great at all, after looking at the results i came 293rd,

Good to see so many Dark Peak out, and to spend an evening enjoying the beauty that is Burbage Skyline with so many like minded people.

A pint of Bombardier and a drive back to Derby, with a quick bath to remove the dried in Peat............ here's to the next one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Check these little beauties out!

I came across these one day whilst out in Ashbourne. Elite Outdoors.

Yes indeed, a pair of fell shoes that had a walsh like feel their soles, with a leather upper,

A nice little detail was the stitching on the toe,

After speaking to the owner of the shop Trevor, he made me aware that these could be 10 years old, when they arrived they retailed at £49.99 - he was selling these off at 18 quid.

Anybody else have any details on these?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lily "completes her first Fell Race"

We made our way to Ashover for the May Day Festival,

And i noticed that they had a fun run, come fell run, only 1.5 miles, and didn't have my kit, jeans, some old Inov8 rocklite's and a t-shirt,

Lily said, can i run with you Daddy, Lily is not 4 years old yet and i thought it would be great Daddy time,

So we registered, number in hand and a very excited Lily we went around the festival, great may pole dancing and welly wanging, a cup of tea and a slice of cake from the church,

Soon enough, 1.30 arrived, and we lined up, a real mix, of fun runners and keen serious looks, a guy asked me if a ran, as he thought he had seen me around, i said not much just done the Kinder Downfall, his face was a picture, but i did point out that i was running with my little girl.

We started, and as we ran up the street Lily was bouncing away, i kept asking he if she was ok, and she said yes, 40 yards from the start, she said that her legs were tired.......

oh, ok i thought, here we go, 1.5 miles with Lily on my shoulders, i suppose that's what Daddy's do.

We ran a bit walked a bit, Lily is 2.5 stone, great training, up the hill out of Ashover, through two tunnels, out onto a road, and then back down into the village, and back up the high street,

It rained on us and it hailed on us, and then the sun came out!

The people at the festival just cheered i a run up the hill with Lily on my shoulders, i will never forget what she said to me when they were cheering, "We winned Daddy" We Winned!

I truly great way to spend 16min 37 seconds, of my day with my little girl.

Lily came first for her age group under 5's, even though i carried her..........

More pictures to follow.........