Friday, February 8, 2013

Lads Leap Fell Race 2013 - Lost and Found!

The Lads Leap 5.9m/1669ft AS

Set of from Derby after arranging a "car share" with Stuart Bond, arrived at Baslow and then made our way to the race.

The weather was claggy to say the least and as we made our way to the first climb to assess the conditions under foot it became apparent that the weather was going to get worse.

After signing in, seeing some old faces and getting ready, a small warm-up ensued.

Route Map…

Off, up the first climb, tough log assent that really did knock me for six, but just kept on pushing might have been 58th or something like that at the top, but just couldn’t get my legs going on the flat.

Tough under foot, boggy and hard in paces difficult to judge the next section, then “plug”, in my shoe went, three steps later realised and had to go back for it, digging took place and i eventually found my show, scooped the peat out of it and pushed my foot back in..... i think i lost a good 2 mins.

Pulled my self back to the long line of runners after taking the right around the loop, to find that we had all gone walkabout! which was funny in one way, but i new i wouldn't have much left in the tank.

Map below shows the extent of the walkabout…

All in all a good solid race, Stuart Bond and others went wrong on the day, which lent itself to a strange looking first 15 over the line, but a good day was had by all, including me.

Finished 105th out of 138 in 1hr. 24mins.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Races Planned - Spring?

This may be the hardest 4 weeks of fell running i have done for some some time!

Will thinking of the spring, cold late night runs and the sight of spring heather!

Come out of this well and start of March fitness level should be much better.

3rd Feb - Lad Leap - AS - 5.9m/1699ft - Toughest AS in Derbyshire.

10th Feb - Long Mynd Valleys - AM - 11.5m/4501ft - Tough old race.

17th Feb - Dark White Mini MM

24th Feb - New Chew - Unknown distance and feet of assent? - Sounds ard already!

Then we should see some this.......

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tigger Tor Fell Race 2013

Following the recent heavy snow, i usually make my way to Derby for the Wilmot Wander, but this year i have decided to focus on the Totley Series of races, the first one of which is the Tigger Tor.

Race details for this one are:

Start: Tigers RUFC 11.00am
Distance: 10 miles
Height: 2,200ft
Cost: £5.00 pre entry/£6.50 on day

After the recent weather, it was announced the night before that it would be run on a revised Harsh Weather route, taking in HoundKirk Quarry, HoundKirk Road, Hathersage Moor, Tigger Tor and Upper Burbage Bridge.

Some of which is local to the Burbage Skyline route.

Arrived to find the weather quite harsh, wind, cold, and looked like some snow was left and some had metled leaving huge rivers of slush and deep wet bogs, thsi will be a real test.

The race was 15 mins late starting due to late arrivals and parking issues, but a good 390+ started out on what was to be a really grind of a race for me, long slow assents, and muddy boggy energy sapping terrain.

After 20 mins, i felt drained and knowing the route i knew i had to dig deep, so just kept of nailing it as fast as i could, as the time passed and trip, slip and up to my waist. (two runners leaped it in front of me, i thought it might have been a 4 inch puddle, but oh god it wasn't, waist deep, ice cold water, yelped like a pig.... Phil Walters shouted back... whats up with ya, girl or something, or something on those lines) Used my elbows to get out and then plodded on)  

Just coming round after Upper Burbage Bridge.

Made my way to the bridge at the base of the climb upto Higger tor, blasting wind from the left, pushed on as hard as i could and started to pull the tide back in a little!

The trot along the path from Upper Bridge was wet, and tricky underfoot, but still just kept on trotting! 

I could see the 10 runners ahead, took a few then reached the Climb back onto the moor from Sheffield Country Walk .... tough little climb, deep snow in places, then the long trot back and fast decent off the HoundKirk Road, manged to pass a few on teh decent , including Phil Walters ( i had it in the back of my mind, get back to the field before him and i can beat him back) Phil had a great amount of speed left and nailed me at the finish.

A great race all in all, some regular folk, Kenny Turner, Phil Walters, Richard Pegram, Jon Heathfield, Reg etc.

Finished in 1.28.15 266th out of 395 starters, not a bad revised AM.

Looking forward to the next one! 

Even had a Double Rainbow....

Double Rainbow - Coming Through Chatsworth.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Run up to Christmas!!! .. and a broken shoe!

Just noticed how long its been since i have updated on here..... Hope you're all keeping well!

Here are a few notes from the run up to Christmas...

Raced hard for a few weeks and completed the following races.

1. Passing Clouds - 28th October -  1 hr 52 mins - Good solid trot

2. Passing Clouds - 11th November -  4 hr 10 mins - Tough day out

3. Famous Grouse - 25th November -  58 mins 32 sec - Great Race always enjoy this one

4. Cardington Cracker - 2nd December - 2 hrs 14 mins - PB - which is good

5. Dark White Peak MM - 16th  December - Great day out and enjoyed the Day with Richard P - Thanks to SBRT for the mention in his blog ....

So for the next few months....

2013 has started well, managed to complete the 12 days of Christmas, which consists of 78 miles over 12 days. Really pleased with that.

Also the Holly Bush New Years Day Race.....

Also took part in the first of Dave Dentons Peats Pit Woods Races - which didnt start to well with a broken Walshy! Seem to be talking to me, then fell completely apart...

A great start to the year and was pleased with the trot!

Lambs Longer Leg 2013

The weather was being watched by the whole of the Fell running fraternity,

Would it snow... wouldn't it snow..... it didn't and we had glorious sunshine!

I have made the trip up for this one for a few years and with to being the first counter in the Hayfield Champs, wanted to make the trip again. Planning to do the series this year.

Opened the curtains and its was a hard frost but no snow, so packed up teh car and went to pick Richard Pegram up from Wirksworth on the way up to Hayfield.

The usual faces had made the trip, nice to see Stuart Bond back racing proper and great to see some other great friends.

Find this one really tough as never ever get enough training up hill like the start, a great fast bash up, round and back, LAMB'S LONGER LEG (3.1m/950') is a real slog, as a race it hurt a lot!

Please can i have some new lungs, the cold air left me coughing like a smoker!

Managed to bag a PB knocking 3mins 38 seconds of last years time, so proper chuffed with that as a start to the season!! And well done to Richard P, who also knocked 1m 13 seconds of his PB.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stuart Learmouth Wirksworth Undulator

It's been a while since i have posted!

And yes its been a tough year, two very sad losses in the Fell Running Fraternity!

Stuart Learmouth - who sadley lost his battle with Cancer Earlier in the year and more recently Darren Holloway who died suddenly whilst competing in Leg 4 of the Ian Hodgson Relay.

Both of which were great friends and had my total respect for their commitment to the fell's and the sport itself.

I am sure i am not alone in the way this has rocked me, and the sport i hold very dearly to my chest.

To remember Stuart the Wirksworth Undulator has been renamed to pay respect to this very special member of fell running.

The race takes place on Sat 20th Oct from the Lime Kiln pub Wirksworth at 10.30.

You can see further details on the

I hope to see as many local fell runners out to pay your own respects to these two running legends.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mow Cop Fell Race - Sunday 1st April

Well it's one that i have never done before, and being so close to home 'Nantwich" thought i would drop in and give it a go.

Richard Pegram picked me up and we made our way across, i had just completed a heavy week of BGr training and didn't really feel up for it, but thought it would make a great cool down for the week, and set me up for the week ahead.

Saw some regular faces, which is always nice, and had chance to look at the route, two climbs one from the start and one back up to the ridge,

The start line introductions, were musing, " a local farmer has released his young bullocks just to keep us on his toes' " four wire fences have been errected since yesterday morning" and " if you see a National Trust Warden please salute them is the correct manner" all added to the proceeding of the day.

Not a great start, but pushed up the first hill, which was broken by two stops, due to stiles. As you make your way up the Castle the views just open out and you run along the ridge to the descent, a small road section, then the climb back through the woods, all in all a nice little test. Far to short for me, as i really am not made for fast and short,

From looking at the results 81st 1hr 6 mins and 23 seconds can't complain at that.

Richard had a great run, some 4 mins ahead from memory.