Friday, February 8, 2013

Lads Leap Fell Race 2013 - Lost and Found!

The Lads Leap 5.9m/1669ft AS

Set of from Derby after arranging a "car share" with Stuart Bond, arrived at Baslow and then made our way to the race.

The weather was claggy to say the least and as we made our way to the first climb to assess the conditions under foot it became apparent that the weather was going to get worse.

After signing in, seeing some old faces and getting ready, a small warm-up ensued.

Route Map…

Off, up the first climb, tough log assent that really did knock me for six, but just kept on pushing might have been 58th or something like that at the top, but just couldn’t get my legs going on the flat.

Tough under foot, boggy and hard in paces difficult to judge the next section, then “plug”, in my shoe went, three steps later realised and had to go back for it, digging took place and i eventually found my show, scooped the peat out of it and pushed my foot back in..... i think i lost a good 2 mins.

Pulled my self back to the long line of runners after taking the right around the loop, to find that we had all gone walkabout! which was funny in one way, but i new i wouldn't have much left in the tank.

Map below shows the extent of the walkabout…

All in all a good solid race, Stuart Bond and others went wrong on the day, which lent itself to a strange looking first 15 over the line, but a good day was had by all, including me.

Finished 105th out of 138 in 1hr. 24mins.