Monday, April 26, 2010

KINDER DOWNFALL (9.6m/1970') - Sunday, 25th Apr 2010

After doing the recce and finding it hard, i new this was going to be a hard one,

I had mentally set my sights on a sub 2 hr finish,

After some careful organization we that is Steve Shaw, Steve Burt of Run Forest Run fame and Ray Mansfield all made our way over to Hayfield. Some in car banter was inevitable, and was somewhat overshadowed at times by the nerves i think.

Arriving at the right time we managed to get a place in the Scout Hut car park, booked in, saw my number thought it was 118 but it was 113, and generally had a mooch round, saw some old friends Caroline and Chris from Shelton Striders and also some new faces ....

A couple of kit check items sorted out, thanks to Steve B, we all had maps, and then we got ready to make our way to the start.

As we lined up saw Richard Hakes and John Gunee so introduced myself to them.

A few kit check numbers read out and that was it, off up the road and onto the snake pass, a real slog for the first 20 mins, and seemed to be going backwards really, i had prepared myself to just keep it going and then let my legs open up on the top, but the climb up William Clough just seemed to totally knock me for six, i just kept digging in, but seemed to be going backwards through the pack, never any good going up hill, maybe i should train for it a bit more,

Eventually after 4o odd mins i reached the finger post and still have the final climb up on the the ridge, when i reached the top i took on some water and half an energy bar to give me some back, for the latter parts of the ridge.

From here i was away really, i could focus on the task ahead, and the next runner, and try to pull them back in, i was pulling one guy in, and then he would take off, over to the left and then appear ahead of me, by some 15 seconds, Local knowledge hey!

The Downfall soon came and i managed to nip past two, maybe four by just thinking about my route, from here on in it seemed like an age, but i just kept going at it,

Soon enough Kinder Low arrived and the yellow flags showed the way onto the flagstone path, down that and keep left onto the drop towards Swines Back, the flags stopped and so did my concentration, i was tired, yes, but i just seemed to be moving to fast and that was it, over i went, it's the second race in a row that i have done that, as i picked myself up and did a quick check, the guy i had spent 5 mins overhauling shot past me, gutted, but it made me even more determined to pull him back, which you can see below, this is just coming down from Edale Cross.

I kept on pushing as i made my way down and across the fields with Kinder Low end to the right and then through Tunstead Ho, and onto the road towards the recreation ground, a quick check and i had 10 mins to get to the finish, i was conscious that i had to really try hard to keep it going. As i turned right and then sharp left onto the field i could see the finish i just put my head down, a few shouts of encouragement from Steve S and i was home, checked the watch and 1 hr 58, not great, but i have set myself a marker for next year,

Some post race banter with the guys, Ray had a fall and Steve B was first home, i think, but i will post the results here when they are published and then home,

Steve Burt - 1.40.07 - 154th
Stephen Shaw - 1.44.13 - 185th
Ray Mansfield - 1.44.25 - 190th
Martin Griffiths - 1.58.52 - 260th

A great day out with good like minded folk!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Markeaton Hill - Trig Point - S3984

Set of from home for this one situated not to far away, approx 2 miles,

Didn't really want to do this one as last year it seemed to just take me through a housing estate,

Well glad i did it, even though from the picture below, you will see that it is in fact situated on somebodies driveway, on Cricklewood Road Mackworth Derby

Kinder Low - Trig Point - S4113

Traveled across to do the Kinder Downfall Route on Sunday 18th April,

Reached this beautiful view whilst on the Kinder Downfall Recce at the weekend,

The general views around the plateau were some of the best i have seen for some time,

Details of Trig Point - TP 4216 - Kinder Low - SK 07904 87059

Kinder DownFall - Recce

Sunday Morning got up and went to recce the Kinder Downfall Route, what a glorious day to be on the moors, the pictures don't really show it, i burnt my face,

We took in Swines Back, William Clough, Edale Cross, Edale Rocks etc and Kinder Low Trig point - TP 4126

This is due to take place on the 25th April

The route is as follows,

Start - Royal Hotel - Hayfield Village (037869)
Snake Path (041868)
Finger Post ( 064902) Number Taken
Kinder Downfall (083889)
Edale Cross (083889) Picture above
Stoney Ford, path (073863 - 054867)
Hayfield Recreation Ground (039868) Finish

A great little trot, took it easy really as Steve Shaw has not been up to Kinder before, so took in some stops and generally had a good look round,

Arrived at Hayfiled at 7.30am and was home for lunch so not a bad mornings work,

11.5 miles and 2100ft of ascent

Friday, April 16, 2010

Madge Hill - Trig Point S2274

Last year i managed to go to each of the trig points marked on the Derby OS map,

One the my favorite views was from Madge Hill, so i have decided to visit as many of these again this year, and also to add more to the list.

After arriving at the foot of Angnes Meadow Lane, just north of the A517 Ashbourne Road,

I also wanted to plan a route for a training run around there,

The trot up the lane through the farm was a steep as i remembered it, a real slog for about 1.5 miles, to the trig on the right, it seems like a builder has purchases some land off the lane and is clearing it ready for houses, the lane can only really service the houses up there at the moment so i am unsure how this will work.

The lane turns into a green lane that has been turned into a 4x4 track by the looks of it. Makes for a little navgation to avoid the large rutts, next time i am up there i will take soem images,

The circular route woudl take me up to the trig then past, taking a right and heading back down into the valley to trott along the river back to the car.

A nice little test with the first climb and then a long tough thigh burning descent, can't wait to go and do it in anger.

The Trig is in great condition Madge Hill S2274 if anybody else wants to make a visit, map reference is SK 21865 49601

Will keep adding these as i bag them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thorpe Cloud - "a Monday Night Training Run"

During work yesterday i decided to get out in the hills and just run for a bit...

So nearest tough steep climbs are at Thorpe, there are quiet a few either side of the Dove, Bunster Hill, Twelve Apostles and a trig point north east of Reynards Cave at 369 all of which can give a nice varied upping!

Arrived at just before 7pm and chucked my gear on, i think i would rate high on the struffy fell runner scale, pair of old and tatty Inov8's with duck tape in the heels, and old HH long sleeve what more could you need, bum bag with camera and a little water, have in the past found the odd jelly babbie floating around in there, and did carry some dark chocolate round with me for 12 mths from a trip to Snowdon, Cadir Idris and Pen Y Fan.

Set off and soon met the first hill, thrope cloud and nice sharp climb, that used to take me five and half mins, today even with a real effort just under 7 mins, soon got my lungs stretched and pushed on the descent before hitting the next climb and then a nice little ridge run towards Thorpe Pasture.

Generally a great little route that gets the quads burning on the upping and downing, also the beautiful surroundings that are Thorpe and the Dove valley.

* You can see the rifle range to the right of the ridge, when red flags are flying you have to keep low the left off the ridge

Unsure of the feet of ascent i think from memory when i used to do this twice a week last year it was getting close to 2100ft in less that 4 miles and real push, managed this in 1 hr and a few seconds, not bad.... but its wasn't about that.. its was about getting out, what great views.

Nice Cheesy picture here, i am on the top of Thorpe Cloud here, i was trying to get the rocks in the foreground with me and the height i am at, all in one shot, and it worked out ok, apart from a little bit cheesy...........

Oh and saw Tracey Greenway, who lives and trains in Thorpe who finished off the final climb with me up Thorpe Cloud before making her way home.

Monday, April 12, 2010


As i dislike crowds, tarmac, smog and the like,

I thought i better not entertain the Derby 10 k at the weekend so i
made my way over to Rosliston Forestry Centre nr Swadlincote to do the
South Derbyshire Road Runners Club event.

It was billed as "Run in The National Forest" a 6 mile 2 lap route,

On track and trail i thought this was a great way to stretch the legs,

I have had a good week covering some 30 miles at a leisurely pace, but just getting back into it, some speed work included, but generally just getting out "Garmin Free" and enjoying running rather than getting so bloody focused on times, even though the cold is still very nasal.

To be honest i am running approx 45 seconds a mile slower than this time last year.

Quote a low key affair really, a lady from Hatton Darts came over to me and said " it's a little flat for you Dark Peak lot!"

I felt flattered and then thought "oh god?" i am so u fit at the moment, maybe i should leave the DP vets at home until i can do the club proud, then i thought no .... get on it...

Saw a few familiar faces, Jonathon Gregson, Mick from Dark Peak, and a few others,

Race started and i seemed to be getting on fine, a little bit to quick from the line but i did steady down and run my own race, i have a tendency to race better paced runners than me, and i burn out, so focused on getting onto my own pace but still pushing along,

I have not been using my Garmin just because i found myself looking to much and not concentrating on shape and technique, so its been left at home for a week.

I felt good even though after about 15 - 20 mins i found myself being overtaken quite a bit, but just kept on with it, a great little route that made you focus on stride length and pace, making the most of the descents but pushing hardish up the small inclines,

Came to the last mile and decided i would have a look, not bad if i could push the last mile i might just break 50 mins, so kept the head down and went for it, pushed to the line, and finished in 49.57 seconds for 6 mile cross country, trail.

Water bottle for all finishers -

Feel really pleased with that...

So i got up this morning and ran the 3.2 mile route i did every morning last week and knocked 1.45 off that as well, might just be turning the corner.

Big weigh in on Tuesday am ...... will see if the new diet and regular gentle running with every 3rd day pace is paying off.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bleeding knee's at Shining Cliff Woods Fell Race

Arrived at Ambergate feeling a little groggy after a cold, that had started to drop onto my chest,

Should i have stayed at home or just come along to support today..........?

This dam cold has been bugging me all week and i felt that a good sweat and some nice clean are wood help with it,

Great to see some old friends there, some of which have changed clubs!

Weather seemed as hough it was going to be kind even though there looked like a chnace of rain in the air!

The usual climb up the lane to get to the start, which is great to get the legs warmed up, didn't feel to good and my breathing was all over the place.

The race started and felt good, but soon felt as though i had pushed to hard, 6.5 mins of downhill, which soon got the legs ticking along nicely, when i reached the bottom to trot along the path i felt as though i should be finishing, all done,

But managed to pick my head up and dig in, even though i was going backwards quickly, the climb was tough, i think that David has managed to get a few more feet out of the old woods,

Not to technical but when you reach the wall at the top and turn left you still have some climbing to do,

Eventually i completed the first lap, i knew i was a leap year behind my usual pace, i have recently been knocking 2/3 min of races such as this,

The second decent didn't start to well, i had a fall, and after a few seconds on the floor, got back to my feet and plodded on, when i reached the next marshall, he asked if i had seen my knees, the sun seemed to come out and give me something to smile about at least.

Looking down i could see blood pouring from my right knee, i knew i had hurt it but had just been grinding it out, as the next half mile passed and the climb behind me, i could feel it tightening up, the knee was swelling and it was becoming difficult to drop my foot onto the next foot plant.

I reached the last steep climb up the muddy path to the cone to turn left and pushed up the hill to reach the finish,

Not a great day, after looking at the knee, it was a deep cut, but is heeling,

Managed a time of 1hr 1 min 56 secs of 4.88 miles and 1100ft.

Not a good day!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wirksworth Incline 21st March

Not posted for a few weeks, work and general life has been pressing,

Last race was the Wirksworth Incline, again a well organised race, with the usual suspects attending, fast and furious not really my ideal race, 4 miles, 2 miles up, 2 miles down, turn around trig point, simples.......

I made my way across with Stephen Shaw, who has been running since this time last year, he again had a cracking run, beating his time from last year by at least 3 mins,

Saw lots of new and old friends at this race Stephen Burt who was their with his work colleague and MM friend Ray, a few old friends from Shelton Striders Carolyn Lee and Chris Hopkinson, and Stuart L,

Ran a good solid steady race, and managed to sneak inside the 40 mins, 38.11 from memory, which for a plodder is not a bag crack really,

Mug in hand with tea applied, waited for the presentation, Stuart Bond just missed his record to win,

A great way to spend a morning with like minded folk!