Monday, April 12, 2010


As i dislike crowds, tarmac, smog and the like,

I thought i better not entertain the Derby 10 k at the weekend so i
made my way over to Rosliston Forestry Centre nr Swadlincote to do the
South Derbyshire Road Runners Club event.

It was billed as "Run in The National Forest" a 6 mile 2 lap route,

On track and trail i thought this was a great way to stretch the legs,

I have had a good week covering some 30 miles at a leisurely pace, but just getting back into it, some speed work included, but generally just getting out "Garmin Free" and enjoying running rather than getting so bloody focused on times, even though the cold is still very nasal.

To be honest i am running approx 45 seconds a mile slower than this time last year.

Quote a low key affair really, a lady from Hatton Darts came over to me and said " it's a little flat for you Dark Peak lot!"

I felt flattered and then thought "oh god?" i am so u fit at the moment, maybe i should leave the DP vets at home until i can do the club proud, then i thought no .... get on it...

Saw a few familiar faces, Jonathon Gregson, Mick from Dark Peak, and a few others,

Race started and i seemed to be getting on fine, a little bit to quick from the line but i did steady down and run my own race, i have a tendency to race better paced runners than me, and i burn out, so focused on getting onto my own pace but still pushing along,

I have not been using my Garmin just because i found myself looking to much and not concentrating on shape and technique, so its been left at home for a week.

I felt good even though after about 15 - 20 mins i found myself being overtaken quite a bit, but just kept on with it, a great little route that made you focus on stride length and pace, making the most of the descents but pushing hardish up the small inclines,

Came to the last mile and decided i would have a look, not bad if i could push the last mile i might just break 50 mins, so kept the head down and went for it, pushed to the line, and finished in 49.57 seconds for 6 mile cross country, trail.

Water bottle for all finishers -

Feel really pleased with that...

So i got up this morning and ran the 3.2 mile route i did every morning last week and knocked 1.45 off that as well, might just be turning the corner.

Big weigh in on Tuesday am ...... will see if the new diet and regular gentle running with every 3rd day pace is paying off.


sbrt said...

Nice one.
Tks for the invite. Sorry for the late reply not been blogging this wkend. I dont have your contact details could you Email me or PM me please.

All the best Steve

Light hearted fell runner, plodder and all round smiling face. said...

Steve, i have sent you them across on personal message through FB, cheers Martin