Tuesday, August 19, 2008

rest rest and more rest

I have had my ankle injury diagnosed as a small rupture of the Achilles tendon, long story short, i have to rest and rest more.

The schedule for the Marathon is falling apart, i have missed 8 days running at the moment and cant really leave it much longer before i start to get out again.

The plan is to leave it until Thursday night and try a few miles, not mad pace just a run out really, i can feel my legs tightening up, and keep stretching morning and night, the massage either side of the rupture is soothing the pain,


Monday, August 11, 2008

8 Miles on the 8th Day of the year 2008

Well went to the club and decided to complete the 8 miles rather than the 8 k, covered the distance well with Dave Nunn and arrived back in just under 1 hr 20 mins.

Friday, August 8, 2008

08-08-08 - Geek's delight

The 8th day of the 8th Month in the year 2008, and also the day of the opening ceremony of the Bejing Olympics.

Mickleover 10k - hard night

Update on the 10k, went really well up to 8k, was running on the heels of another Shelton Strider who usually runs well under 50 mins, at 8k that was it! i turned into Mr Softie, legs just went, the pace was quite fast, covered the first 8k in 4.40min kilometers, which would have given me a good time, but after legs went i managed 52 min 09 sec.

Legs are not to bad but i have really sore heel, i must rest this !

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mickleover 10k

Tonight is the Mickleover 10k, this is a low key event, with a long gradual hill at the end - starts at 7pm. Will give this a go tonight, fancy a shot at a PB. Present PB is 51 mins 17 seconds.

Achilles Heel - pain

This has been bothering me for a while, acute pain the day after a run,

Does't seem to be too stiff, just painfull and small lump which varies in size depending on how far i have run.

Must keep an eye on this.

Weston on Trent - 2 mile time trial

Took part in a 2 mile time trial last night - set off at diiferent times depending on your previous 2 mile time.

Managed a time of 15 mins - 19 seconds - which is 15 seconds outside my PB.

The course was based around the Weston on Trent village hall and was made up on some lane running, canal toe path and pavement.

Pushed hard, as hard as i felt i could.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trig Pointing ... there is a point!

Trig Pointing or bagging a trig point, spend some time looking at a map and then create a route that hits as many trig points in an evening as you can.

Record them at www.trigpointinguk.com.

A little bit of history

Have been running on my own for some 12 mths and decided to join a running club to meet new friends and to run with like minded people,

Joined Shelton Striders http://www.sheltonstriders.co.uk/ back in May 2008 and have completed several events with them, too many to mention at this time, but i have all good intention to keep a blog of these going forward.

Blackrock - fell race 5.5 mile/1200ft
Parwich - fell race 3.5 mile/1000ft
Tara Kinder - 10k
Colin Potter - 10k
Heanor - 5 mile
Riber Run - fell race 5.5 mile/1500ft
Full Sun - fell race 8.5 mile/1500ft

Vickerwood Loop X Country - training

Last nights training run, it was hard, 12 miles, and that was a recovery run.

Went out with the intention of doing a 6 - 8 mile route with 10 - 11 min miles, ended up doing 12 miles at 9 min mile pace, and pushed hard up the hills.

I live on the outskirts of Derby, ashbourne side, and run around the Kedleston Road area and out towards Quarndon, around Vickerwood Farm, a great route which has varied track, stile, fielld and pavement. Also there are four hills which is great training.

Working at it ...

I have been working at the next stage of my goal for some 12 mths, training is going well, long runs at the weekend consist of 14 miles, times are not to bad, and feeling stronger every week.

The events and experiences that i have will be documenting along the way, and i am sure that this will develop into a record running achievements.

I am still searching

This blog is dedicated to those things in my life that already fulfill it and those that i am striving to achieve ...