Sunday, November 23, 2008

23rd November - Dove Dale delights

Set of from home to arrive as early as i could, pulled up in the car park at 7.45am.

Snow still sitting on the ground but disappearing fast as the snow flurries had turned to rain.

Set of with not real route in mind and found the first climb hard, from teh car park at Dove dale over the bridge and up the back side of Thorpe, foot fall was hard, not to much grip, as the snow had melted and then frozen again on every peice of rock that showed.

Top of thorpe was raw, wind was strong, enjoyed the first climb,

Then down the back of thorp and onto the hills behind, two more peaks and sweat dripping from my head as a descended down into a hollow,

Back up again and up and across to the trig point, no visability at all, just ice rain,

What a feeling of completness!

Across the top and down into the valley, followed the Dove up stream to Milldale!

Then back again on the same route, up thorp and down,

Managed to have two falls today, one due to a rabbit hole, and ended up skating down the hill side on my knees,

The other on the descent down thrope the second time, was pushing hard down a sheep track "A path along a fellside which never goes where you want to. " and right foot went from under me, landing on hands and knees, and produced a beautiful perioet.

Arrived back a the car and sweaty, muddy, bloody but feeling fulfilled. rinsed my legs and shoes in the tap at the car park, on looking walkers had to look twice!

Distance covered 12 miles, 3,450ft of ascent, in 2hrs, 14 mins.

Lie in on a sunday .... you must be joking!

22nd November - Rope Lane X Counrty

Was over at the parents in Wistaston nr Crewe, putting final plans together for the "HomeComing!

Took stuff with me just in case,

Mid afternoon, managed to get out and covered approx 3 miles

First part mainly road and then across five fields to another road section,

Pushed really hard, and breathing was heavy really heavy wehn i finished.

A bit disappointed as i forgot the garmin, but never mind,

Managed a time of 24min 51 secs,

Monday, November 17, 2008

17th November - 3 mile road

3 mile road route as normal, Set of from the house at 6am, Arrived back 26.24 sec later, Average pace 8.15 min miles

Sunday, November 16, 2008

16th November - Mathew Walker 10k - Heanor

Not felt to good since yesterday, had stomach bug or something, maybe due to the pain killers for the leg.

Started well from the line and was supprised to see the 2 k board, but then realised that this was for after the small lap around the indistrial estate to spread the feild out!

Got to 2 - 2.5 k and had a rush of blood to the head and had to pull up! Was shocked as i did feel good but after looking at the HR it seemed to have been a jumo in HR 191bmp. So maybe a sign to hold back,

Managed to get myself going again and put in a good 4 mile stint, constant pace and felt strong.

Finished in 53.33 with an average pace of 8.34 min miles,

15th November - 7 Mile X Country

Late morning X Country from home

Across markeaton Park and out towards the Mackworth Hotel,

Keep right and back across to the back of Vickerwood Farm and Kedleston Hall,

Back over to odl markeaton brook and through the park nr the tennis courts,

Around the gold pitch and putt and up markeaton hill,

Good run, with plenty of energy,

Average pace for distance was 9.15 min miles

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Home Coming - Derby to Nantwich 45 mile challenge

I have been thinking of a new challenge for some weeks and have decided

Run Cross Country from home in Derby to Parents house - old home in Wistaston Nr Nantwich.

This will mean covering three OS Explorer Maps

Derby - 259
Stoke On Trent - 258
Crewe and Nantwich - 257

A total of more that 45 miles of Cross Country running

Still in the planning stage as far as route is concerned, but have a day booked off on 28th November to do this.

10th November - Trip to Doc's

Leg has continued to give me pain and i needed to get this looked at.

After a lengthy examination is has been diagnosed as Common peroneal nerve dysfunction.

Symptoms are :-

Decreased sensation, numbness or tingling at the top of the foot
Weakness of the ankles or feet
Walking abnormalities
"Slapping" gait (walking pattern)
Foot drop (unable to hold foot horizontal)
Toes drag while walking

The treatment is :-

Dypliphenic - 50mgs 3 times daily and course of physio for 4 weeks, then referred to the nurologist.

Monday, November 10, 2008

9th November 2008 - X country

What a horrid day, only saw two people on the whole run,

Decided to go out for a x country, main route is to pick up the Bonnie Prince Charlie walk and then continue over to Radbourne Hall, through the hall and make my way back.

Really hard going under foot, four of the previous fields have been ploughed since having the corn removed, which left previoulsyt untrodden furros. sticky and energy sapping.

Pushed hard, and covered the 11 miles in 1hr 51 mins - covering 1433 ft of asent. Average heart rate of 175 BMP.

Arrived back at home muddy wet and ready for a bath, but with a feeling of complete satifaction.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DoveDale Dash - 2nd November

A wet and cold Noveber day...
4.75 miles of cross country and river crossing...
The Dovedale Dash

Arrived with plenty of time, so Gavin, Shaun and myself went up to the top of Thorpe Cloud for a warm up.

Race started 15 mins late.... what a dash to the first corner, and in fact to the river, arrived at the river doing well, but had a little push from behing whilst trying to get my footfall correct, took a dive in the freezing cold water.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

31st October 2008 - 3 Club Run

7pm - Shelton Striders Social run

Good social run, and meeting at Shelton Striders.

Ran approx 3 miles, but had alot of chin pain.