Sunday, November 23, 2008

23rd November - Dove Dale delights

Set of from home to arrive as early as i could, pulled up in the car park at 7.45am.

Snow still sitting on the ground but disappearing fast as the snow flurries had turned to rain.

Set of with not real route in mind and found the first climb hard, from teh car park at Dove dale over the bridge and up the back side of Thorpe, foot fall was hard, not to much grip, as the snow had melted and then frozen again on every peice of rock that showed.

Top of thorpe was raw, wind was strong, enjoyed the first climb,

Then down the back of thorp and onto the hills behind, two more peaks and sweat dripping from my head as a descended down into a hollow,

Back up again and up and across to the trig point, no visability at all, just ice rain,

What a feeling of completness!

Across the top and down into the valley, followed the Dove up stream to Milldale!

Then back again on the same route, up thorp and down,

Managed to have two falls today, one due to a rabbit hole, and ended up skating down the hill side on my knees,

The other on the descent down thrope the second time, was pushing hard down a sheep track "A path along a fellside which never goes where you want to. " and right foot went from under me, landing on hands and knees, and produced a beautiful perioet.

Arrived back a the car and sweaty, muddy, bloody but feeling fulfilled. rinsed my legs and shoes in the tap at the car park, on looking walkers had to look twice!

Distance covered 12 miles, 3,450ft of ascent, in 2hrs, 14 mins.

Lie in on a sunday .... you must be joking!

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