Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mount Famine - Catagory 'A" Fell Race

I have been training quite hard over the last four/five weekends, racing, upping and generally being out on the fells, so i decided to make my way to Hayfield to have crack at the one race i have heard so much about.

Realised i had left the Garmin at home, so nothing to push me on, when i need a push.

Especially the start!

After last min dash from Derby to Hayfield, i arrived at the scout hut, with mu £4 at the ready, seeing some usual faces and friends made the trip worth while.

A little bit of a map review and a 5 min trot to the start, which seemed a little narrow, i soon realised that the race went sideways from the path, form a line facing up the hill and off, up Elle Bank and what a scramble, the chat soon stopped and was replaced with lung busting breath after lung busting breath.

On reaching the top, and undulating trot before a drop into the woods, sharp right and then up onto the ridge and towards Mount Famine, some ups and some downs then a real sharp push up onto South Head.

The first 1.51 miles of the race covers 984ft of climbing...... ouch!

After the drop off South Head, which at this stage i thought i was last, really finding it hard to get the legs going fast enough on the ups, having enough to catch folks on the downs, but the last major climb back onto Mount Famine, taking in bits of Dimpus Clough (picture above) was a real digging in session.

The ridge and drop back to the path for the trot along the road, similar to the finish of the Kinder Downfall, cross the bridge and onto the park.

Felt like i had pushed hard, had a really good session, unsure of time and placing due to no garmin and not having a clue how many runners were in front. But even though it was Solid, enjoyed it, in a strange way!

Results have been published today - Finished 109/116 in 1hr 17min 27 seconds!

That's the MOUNT FAMINE (5m/1850') - Saturday, 14th May 2011 - 11:00am - A/S

It's also pushed me up to 32 in the Dark Peak local league.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Burbage Skyline 5.75m/1200ft

After a really tough couple of days working i decided to make the dash from Derby to the Fox House Inn for this annual event,

After last years 300 plus runners i thought i best get on my way a little earlier, but true to form, it was last min as always,

*Higger Tor - Image from Derbyshire Images

The journey seemed to take ages, just like going on holiday as a kid, are we nearly there yet, on the way then, when you come home it seems to fly by!

*Mother Cap - Images from Derbyshire Images

As i made my way down the road, after parking what seemed like a mile away, i wrote my entry out and queued up, only to find no numbers, after lots of dashing around the numbers arrived and the registration continued,

Loads of regular faces, Stephen Burt, Simon Goldsmith, Daz H, and a huge number of Dark Peakers!

*Getting on with it down the "plummet"

The race started with the little trot up before turning left at the flag and the drop to the stream crossing, with such a large field, it helps me, as i don't go off to quickly and burn up, something that i have a tendency to do, looking ahead i could see the leaders upping the mound, to go around toward to climb up Mother Cap, when i reached this point i had really been taking it easy, a route across the heather, meant that the pace dropped to a walk, due to the numbers.

*Upper Burbage Bride

I had noticed that i seemed to be in different company, not run around these faces before, but then thought nothing of it, the short climb up "Mother Cap", seemed to come and go, and after reaching the top i had some juice left in the tank, so just kept trotting on (from last year i think this climb knocked me for six, as i had started to fast).

The trot across and drop down before the climb to "Higger Tor" i really enjoyed, keeping pace with the runners around me, and also taking a few, reaching the start of the Higger climb, i felt strong and trotted until the fast walk took over, digging in, i reached the top and passed two or three folks, who had nothing left, the trot to the "Plummet" seemed shorter,

I love the Plummet, and flew down this passing a couple more runners, and this added to my adrenalin, the woods and short climb to "Upper Burbage Bridge" was tougher, got my line wrong for the river crossing and took my full weight on my left leg on the jump across, mis judged the jump, ouch, i thought i had dislocated my hip, it made me feel physically sick.

The push up onto the ridge flet better and i just kept my head down, through the technical bits and then for the drop onto the path, not as boggy as last year from memory, remember it being quite tricky! I do like the ridge running, bolder hopping bit, but find it saps the energy out of my legs still!

The longish, drain of the path to the finish and i was catching Michael Arundale, but he pipped me by 1 second!

I finished in 278th time of 1hr and 51 seconds, and from last years time of 1hr 8 mins something i am chuffed with that, even though we had a small route change.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cliff Top - Trig Point TP2226 - #15

Cliff Top - Trig Point TP2226 - #15

I have set myself a target of 40 Trig Points in 2011.
Parked opposite the Pub in Swinscoe, and nipped over the 5 bar gate and up the hill to this one, easy really!

Madge Hill - Trig Point TP4600 - #13

Madge Hill - Trig Point TP4600 - #13

I have set myself a target of 40 Trig Points in 2011.
Love the trot up to this one from Agnesmeadow Bridge, as you reach the Green Lane, the going
can get tough, as it really does get some 4 x 4 hammer!

Milk Hill Trig Point TP4823 - #14

Milk Hill Trig Point TP4823 - #14

I have set myself a target of 40 Trig Points in 2011.

A new one for me this one, not to difficult to find or get bagged!

Hough Park Trig Point TP4037 - #12

Hough Park Trig Point TP4037 - #12

I have set myself a target of 40 Trig Points in 2011.

I always like a trot up to this one, from Hulland Village, its approx 25 mins out and back, found it really hard to find on my first ever visit to this one, and it seems to be getting even more overgrown!

The Mountain - Trig Point TP6409 - #11

The Mountain - Trig Point TP6409 - #11

I have set myself a target of 40 Trig Points in 2011.

A great little trot for this one, a have been to this before, but each time i have been the views are so different!

Alport Heights - Trig Point TP0829 - #10

Alport Heights - Trig Point TP0829 - #10

I have set myself a target of 40 Trig Points in 2011.

The day after i had covered legs 1 and 2 of the Bob Graham i got the map out and
planned a few trigs, this was the first of 6 on the day

Skiddaw - Trig Point TP6001 - #9

Skiddaw - Trig Point TP6001 - #9

I have set myself a target of 40 Trig Points in 2011.
I bagged this one on a trip to Recce the Bog Graham Round, what a day on the fells it was!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tigers Todger - 6miles/850ft

A trip to pastures new, a new race and challenge, always good to put a marker down,

Not fully recovered from the Bob Graham Recce, but wanting to stretch the legs i made my way up into Sheffield to take part in this one, never done it before and saw it a great opportunity to see a few folks and have a run out (i also secretly noticed that i could take a trig during the race)

On arriving i saw that this took in quite a bit of road but also took in a long slow climb up the Limb Valley quick dip onto Burbage Moor, round the Ox Stone's and Trig TP5267 and then.... all hands to the lungs!

all out, full on, "tank it" to the finish off Burbage Moor, and down long lane. A really great race and one that i will be doing again, had a couple of great little battles as well, which made the night.

Legs felt ok, could still feel a lot of long descents in them but i am sure i will be ready for my next assault on Keswick!

Set myself a time of 53 mins for this, and finished in 51min 26 sec leaving me in 187/224.

Bob Graham Round - "A Recce of Legs 1 and 2"

After some last minute planning and a real struggle to find accommodation i decided to nip up north to carry out a leg 1 and leg 2 recce of the Bob Graham. Some last minutes calls resulted in a solo visit due to the late decision to make the trip. So a chance to get some real solitary fell running in the bag.

After presenting to 8 folks about the importance of brand and brand consistency, seeing "the wedding" and spending some time with MrsG and the two spouts, i set off up to Keswick for a one day onslaught on the fells.

A longish 3hr 10 min drive i arrived to see Moot Hall, the market square had been battered and bruised by the Royal Wedding Street party, but it looked "just beaut" with the lights (see below)

The accommodation did not come off so, with a bit of reworking, a sleeping bag and a seat folded down, i slept in the car, after a pint of Jennings of course.

Good nights sleep and i was off to check the major points of legs 1 and 2, starting from Moot Hall, the market traders just starting to arrive, i made my way up and round Latrigg to make my way up Skiddaw, managed to nip to Skiddaw Little Man, Dropped off Skiddaw to far and lost some time hitting the Cumbrian Way to far left of the Bridge and Trod that paves the way up Great Calva, found a nice heathery line just off the fence and crossed the river Caldew on a great line and hit the top of Blencathra, after a small detour left to take in Atkinsons Pike. Dropping off Blencathra and hitting the right line down Halls Fells was good even though the Wind was really strong the sun keep getting me when i was out of the wind. Saw a few folks who chose a
different line from Great Calva to Blencathra but they seemed to think i nailed it as i pulled out 10 mins on them.

All in all a great leg, ran at a tad under 23 hr pace, 3hrs 48 mins, which is good due to two small errors.

Leg 2 continued i a similar vain with the route easier to pick due to the paths, trods and general ease of locating your route and line, had a few issues around Clough Fold right at the start, getting from Newsham and up to Clough Head, something that i think i need to go back over again and get that right!

The remaining areas went well, unsure if the Drop off Dollywaggon Pick to the right is the best way or keep on the zig zags, i did the zig zags so looking for some feedback on that?

Finished leg 2 in 4hrs 21mins, with a flat iphone since the last road crossing, very sore ankles and buzzing! Bus back into Keswick and then a log drive home after a bowl of pasta and mackerel sitting at the back of the car.

A great day on the fells, the route choice was ok, the weather was fine and i had achieved what i set out to do, recce legs 1 and 2 in one session in a reasonable time !