Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bob Graham Round - "A Recce of Legs 1 and 2"

After some last minute planning and a real struggle to find accommodation i decided to nip up north to carry out a leg 1 and leg 2 recce of the Bob Graham. Some last minutes calls resulted in a solo visit due to the late decision to make the trip. So a chance to get some real solitary fell running in the bag.

After presenting to 8 folks about the importance of brand and brand consistency, seeing "the wedding" and spending some time with MrsG and the two spouts, i set off up to Keswick for a one day onslaught on the fells.

A longish 3hr 10 min drive i arrived to see Moot Hall, the market square had been battered and bruised by the Royal Wedding Street party, but it looked "just beaut" with the lights (see below)

The accommodation did not come off so, with a bit of reworking, a sleeping bag and a seat folded down, i slept in the car, after a pint of Jennings of course.

Good nights sleep and i was off to check the major points of legs 1 and 2, starting from Moot Hall, the market traders just starting to arrive, i made my way up and round Latrigg to make my way up Skiddaw, managed to nip to Skiddaw Little Man, Dropped off Skiddaw to far and lost some time hitting the Cumbrian Way to far left of the Bridge and Trod that paves the way up Great Calva, found a nice heathery line just off the fence and crossed the river Caldew on a great line and hit the top of Blencathra, after a small detour left to take in Atkinsons Pike. Dropping off Blencathra and hitting the right line down Halls Fells was good even though the Wind was really strong the sun keep getting me when i was out of the wind. Saw a few folks who chose a
different line from Great Calva to Blencathra but they seemed to think i nailed it as i pulled out 10 mins on them.

All in all a great leg, ran at a tad under 23 hr pace, 3hrs 48 mins, which is good due to two small errors.

Leg 2 continued i a similar vain with the route easier to pick due to the paths, trods and general ease of locating your route and line, had a few issues around Clough Fold right at the start, getting from Newsham and up to Clough Head, something that i think i need to go back over again and get that right!

The remaining areas went well, unsure if the Drop off Dollywaggon Pick to the right is the best way or keep on the zig zags, i did the zig zags so looking for some feedback on that?

Finished leg 2 in 4hrs 21mins, with a flat iphone since the last road crossing, very sore ankles and buzzing! Bus back into Keswick and then a log drive home after a bowl of pasta and mackerel sitting at the back of the car.

A great day on the fells, the route choice was ok, the weather was fine and i had achieved what i set out to do, recce legs 1 and 2 in one session in a reasonable time !


funderson said...

Since there is a "Halls Fells" is there a "Hells Fells"??? Please please please tell me there is a Hells Fells.

sbrt said...

Wot no Clag?
Nice one Martin I am jealous.
See you soon.

JessiePants said...

Your pint and bedroll sounds like deluxe accomodations to me and WOW what a day out on the fells!

Light hearted fell runner, plodder and all round smiling face. I really do just like getting out on the fells. said...

Hells fells would be a great name for a Fell!

Stephen, you are always welcome on these trips we must get our diaries together.

Jessie, love the back of my car, and will be getting even more use to it tonight, deluxe... i think not.... i do love leg two of the BG, its some of my fav skyline!

Dorian Grey said...

I'm doing legs 1 and 2 this friday on a BG attempt. I hope the weather is as good then as it was in your photo's (although perhaps leg2 will be a little darker ha). Looks like you got it bang on :)

Johny Smash said...

re dollywagon I'd go off to the right every time bud. I've done both several times both backwards and forwards and there is less to go wrong with straight down in my opinion. Going for the zig zags can be good for pace but there is the chance of going off course up Fairfield and I think it's a bit of a harder slog up that way rather than approaching from the base of Seat Sandal. all the best