Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chevin Fell Race

Well, after a really tough couple of weeks, searching for a new job,

i thought i better get myself to the Chevin Race, a 2 lap short blast that always catches me out.

A nice little route starting at the Milford Social club, hard down the hill and then 3-5 mins of a climb depending on your fitness level.

Nice to see so many regular faces out, from Shelton, Pennine, Belper Harriers and Long Eaton, always nice to see so many like minded folk, also met Jim Paxman from Dark Peak.

Pushed as hard as i could up the hill and then turned right to push again the small climb to the stile gap always catches you unawares, at this stage i noticed that i was in the usual company, and felt quite strong still, dropping down to the back of the golf course i manged to pass a few, as i seem to go down quicker than i go up!

A steady push through the woods and then onto the descent down to the Social Club, lap 1 done in 14.22, which i felt was ok, so continued to push on, the hill said no, my legs said no, but i did grind it out and felt as though i had some left for the last quarter, so tried to get my breathing right and pushed on, deep lung fulls of air and lots of sweat later, i was on the descent,

After a huge push down the hill, and a shout from Daz, i managed to get back, knocking 1min 30 from last years time, something that i didn't expect!

Finished 79th in 28.58 not the best but an improvement on last year, which is always good.

Managed to grab a beer and wish David of, Running with David fame "Happy birthday" before shooting back home to see if Claire was any nearer to giving birth to littleG, from memory i have had a recent discussion with Mandy Moore, who said that a new child born to a Dark Peaker resulted in a pair of knitted booties in the club colours....can't wait for them.