Saturday, May 14, 2011

Burbage Skyline 5.75m/1200ft

After a really tough couple of days working i decided to make the dash from Derby to the Fox House Inn for this annual event,

After last years 300 plus runners i thought i best get on my way a little earlier, but true to form, it was last min as always,

*Higger Tor - Image from Derbyshire Images

The journey seemed to take ages, just like going on holiday as a kid, are we nearly there yet, on the way then, when you come home it seems to fly by!

*Mother Cap - Images from Derbyshire Images

As i made my way down the road, after parking what seemed like a mile away, i wrote my entry out and queued up, only to find no numbers, after lots of dashing around the numbers arrived and the registration continued,

Loads of regular faces, Stephen Burt, Simon Goldsmith, Daz H, and a huge number of Dark Peakers!

*Getting on with it down the "plummet"

The race started with the little trot up before turning left at the flag and the drop to the stream crossing, with such a large field, it helps me, as i don't go off to quickly and burn up, something that i have a tendency to do, looking ahead i could see the leaders upping the mound, to go around toward to climb up Mother Cap, when i reached this point i had really been taking it easy, a route across the heather, meant that the pace dropped to a walk, due to the numbers.

*Upper Burbage Bride

I had noticed that i seemed to be in different company, not run around these faces before, but then thought nothing of it, the short climb up "Mother Cap", seemed to come and go, and after reaching the top i had some juice left in the tank, so just kept trotting on (from last year i think this climb knocked me for six, as i had started to fast).

The trot across and drop down before the climb to "Higger Tor" i really enjoyed, keeping pace with the runners around me, and also taking a few, reaching the start of the Higger climb, i felt strong and trotted until the fast walk took over, digging in, i reached the top and passed two or three folks, who had nothing left, the trot to the "Plummet" seemed shorter,

I love the Plummet, and flew down this passing a couple more runners, and this added to my adrenalin, the woods and short climb to "Upper Burbage Bridge" was tougher, got my line wrong for the river crossing and took my full weight on my left leg on the jump across, mis judged the jump, ouch, i thought i had dislocated my hip, it made me feel physically sick.

The push up onto the ridge flet better and i just kept my head down, through the technical bits and then for the drop onto the path, not as boggy as last year from memory, remember it being quite tricky! I do like the ridge running, bolder hopping bit, but find it saps the energy out of my legs still!

The longish, drain of the path to the finish and i was catching Michael Arundale, but he pipped me by 1 second!

I finished in 278th time of 1hr and 51 seconds, and from last years time of 1hr 8 mins something i am chuffed with that, even though we had a small route change.


sbrt said...

Good to see you up there Martin.

Well done on beating your time.

Dorian Grey said...

Brilliant, sub 1hr next year then :)

JessiePants said...

Those pictures are absolutely beautiful!
Stellar job on beating your time as well!

funderson said...

beautiful! nice job