Friday, April 16, 2010

Madge Hill - Trig Point S2274

Last year i managed to go to each of the trig points marked on the Derby OS map,

One the my favorite views was from Madge Hill, so i have decided to visit as many of these again this year, and also to add more to the list.

After arriving at the foot of Angnes Meadow Lane, just north of the A517 Ashbourne Road,

I also wanted to plan a route for a training run around there,

The trot up the lane through the farm was a steep as i remembered it, a real slog for about 1.5 miles, to the trig on the right, it seems like a builder has purchases some land off the lane and is clearing it ready for houses, the lane can only really service the houses up there at the moment so i am unsure how this will work.

The lane turns into a green lane that has been turned into a 4x4 track by the looks of it. Makes for a little navgation to avoid the large rutts, next time i am up there i will take soem images,

The circular route woudl take me up to the trig then past, taking a right and heading back down into the valley to trott along the river back to the car.

A nice little test with the first climb and then a long tough thigh burning descent, can't wait to go and do it in anger.

The Trig is in great condition Madge Hill S2274 if anybody else wants to make a visit, map reference is SK 21865 49601

Will keep adding these as i bag them.

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