Monday, April 9, 2012

Mow Cop Fell Race - Sunday 1st April

Well it's one that i have never done before, and being so close to home 'Nantwich" thought i would drop in and give it a go.

Richard Pegram picked me up and we made our way across, i had just completed a heavy week of BGr training and didn't really feel up for it, but thought it would make a great cool down for the week, and set me up for the week ahead.

Saw some regular faces, which is always nice, and had chance to look at the route, two climbs one from the start and one back up to the ridge,

The start line introductions, were musing, " a local farmer has released his young bullocks just to keep us on his toes' " four wire fences have been errected since yesterday morning" and " if you see a National Trust Warden please salute them is the correct manner" all added to the proceeding of the day.

Not a great start, but pushed up the first hill, which was broken by two stops, due to stiles. As you make your way up the Castle the views just open out and you run along the ridge to the descent, a small road section, then the climb back through the woods, all in all a nice little test. Far to short for me, as i really am not made for fast and short,

From looking at the results 81st 1hr 6 mins and 23 seconds can't complain at that.

Richard had a great run, some 4 mins ahead from memory.

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sbrt said...

Nice one Martin

Did you get to salute the warden?