Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lily "completes her first Fell Race"

We made our way to Ashover for the May Day Festival,

And i noticed that they had a fun run, come fell run, only 1.5 miles, and didn't have my kit, jeans, some old Inov8 rocklite's and a t-shirt,

Lily said, can i run with you Daddy, Lily is not 4 years old yet and i thought it would be great Daddy time,

So we registered, number in hand and a very excited Lily we went around the festival, great may pole dancing and welly wanging, a cup of tea and a slice of cake from the church,

Soon enough, 1.30 arrived, and we lined up, a real mix, of fun runners and keen serious looks, a guy asked me if a ran, as he thought he had seen me around, i said not much just done the Kinder Downfall, his face was a picture, but i did point out that i was running with my little girl.

We started, and as we ran up the street Lily was bouncing away, i kept asking he if she was ok, and she said yes, 40 yards from the start, she said that her legs were tired.......

oh, ok i thought, here we go, 1.5 miles with Lily on my shoulders, i suppose that's what Daddy's do.

We ran a bit walked a bit, Lily is 2.5 stone, great training, up the hill out of Ashover, through two tunnels, out onto a road, and then back down into the village, and back up the high street,

It rained on us and it hailed on us, and then the sun came out!

The people at the festival just cheered i a run up the hill with Lily on my shoulders, i will never forget what she said to me when they were cheering, "We winned Daddy" We Winned!

I truly great way to spend 16min 37 seconds, of my day with my little girl.

Lily came first for her age group under 5's, even though i carried her..........

More pictures to follow.........


Lightning said...

Well done Lily.

Dads do have their uses ;-)

sbrt said...


Can you give me a shoulder ride at Cader Idris?

Light hearted fell runner, plodder and all round smiling face. I really do just like getting out on the fells. said...

ok,a shoulder lift up Cadir Idris sounds like a bit to much, are you still on for a trip to Dolgellau then??