Monday, January 4, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

ok, here we go, this is in fact day 11, which i am aware of,

I set this up on the 21st December,

On Christmas Day 1 Mile
On Boxing Day 2 Miles

And so on...........

When you get to day 12 you will have covered 78 miles

I set out mid morning on Christmas day to find everything solid under foot, 1 mile, seemed to takes an age, ran it with a small headache in 7.04, not bad.

The days continued with the weather getting cooler,

On the 29th December, decided to go on a long run with Steve, friend and member of DPFR,

9am start from Radbourne Lane water towers taking in a route that covered The Ostritch pub on long lane, the back of Kedleston Hall all equating to 18.5 miles.

Day 10 arrived and i set off at 7.20am ish still dark and very fresh, in deed, covered the 10 miles in 1hr 29 mins, good pace in the slippy conditions,

I have two days left, tonight is 11 miles.......

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