Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's it all for........

Ever had that thought in the back of your mind, "whats it all for" a little down in the dumps!

I have been covering the miles and feet of ascent constantly, week in week out, since November so since completing the Grindleford i have taken a well earned rest.

having to re-charge the batteries and also refocus the mind,

I have been going out a feeling as though i was just going through the motions and i have seemed to lost that keenness to dig in and grind it out,

The Wirksworth Incline is on Sunday so i will be wanting to beat my time from last year of 40.21, which to be honest is a real plod!

The plan when i took this 4 day break was to just chill, walk the dog and thats about it, which is what i have done since Saturday,

Because of this, i seem to have become tired, and lethargic, has anybody else felt this?

Or is it because i am eating the same but not burning it off, i would say this is the case,

I have a fast session planned for Thursday night consisting of the following;-

1 mile jog out, steady just warm up, then stretch
Have a hill that's about .5 mile long - start dash up this at 80%
Then plod back down to recover
Do this for 4 times
Plod back down, stretch
Steady home for a mile

Will see if that gets me knees moving faster

Oh! and the weather is changing........


sbrt said...

Post event anticlimax?

I am sure the smiley face will be back soon :o)

Hopefuly see you at Wirksworth


MattR said...

Fun - in a word ;-)

I've struggled with feeling physically drained and low on motivation too recently - really questioning why I should bother to put up with the hassles of pushing myself... The enthusiasm comes back though soon enough! Maybe just ease off the gas a little and tap into the positives of simply getting out for a run. Keep it up!

Simon said...

Runner's Blues. That's what Haruki Murakami calls it in 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Running'.

I went through a similar dip in inclination last summer. I pushed myself too hard, and was questioning why I did it.

I get wrapped up in the competitive aspect. I end up putting unnecesary pressure on myself and its quite draining.

But I read the above book and it was comforting to find that other runners asked themselves the same questions. Made me realise that there is no answer as such as to why I run, other than that I just fundamentally bloody love being out there and becoming a part of the moors and fells. Its as simple as that. I enjoy it so I do it.

Give it a bit of time. Looking at your blog you do some serious mileage, and I reckon before long you'll reconnect with the things that inspired you in the first place.