Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedgewood Memorial

I have been driving past this week in.. week out,

So one night on my way back from dropping Lily at Grandma and Grandad's house in Nantwich, i decided to call in, find a layby and trot up to it.

Well, from the road i thought it looked large, and also that there was trig point not to far away, so trotted off up the hill out of Audley, across a few fields and up a lane, across a few more climbing fields and then it showed its head.

The Wedgewood Momument, situated on Bignall Hill, this is memorial to John Wedgewood, which left in his will a request for an obelisk to be erected no less than 20 yards high.

This was completed in 1845.

TP1357 - Bignall Hill

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sbrt said...

Hey up! Martin.
Have you seen this months TGO magazine? There is an article on trig bagging.