Sunday, November 28, 2010

21 years of the Grouse!

Did this race last year, great race, great people,

A real slog up the hill from the Famous Grouse pub, noted as 5m/1200ft in the Calendar,

With snow sitting on the hill and roofs around Derby, i set off with a slippery start down the street, main roads clear, and was soon hitting Ashbourne, the temperature dropped and my breath was freezing on the inside of the windscreen, even with the heater on full chat! After speaking to Daz Holloway after the race he said it read -16 on his temp gauge, something i don't have in the old Toyota

A cold day in Hafield

Tough climb up to the TV mast and New Allotments. Just in the background of this shot wearing 490.

A great race, not as good as last year, footing was tough, but again the cold air caught me out.

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