Monday, February 7, 2011

Some "Upping and Dipping" around Thorpe Cloud

Had a couple of races that i could have gone and done this weekend, Charnwood Hills and Mickleden Straddle, both good distances but the diary said more "upping" so headed off to Thorpe for a 4 hour session,

Never tried the Walsh shoes before so as the Invo8's are getting to the end of their live, purchased a pair, first run out......

After the 30 min journey from Derby to Thorpe, arrived to see the wind thrashing the tree's around and i knew it was going to be a tough run.

I have a route that takes in Thorpe Cloud and all of the remaining ups and downs (Thorpe Cloud, Thorpe Pastures, The Nabs and taking in the Trig Point "Raynards") along the river until you get to Milford, a real push as i do some of them twice! It covers around 7 ish miles and 3250ft, so a real heavy quad session.

Some great views of the River Dove at it flooded the Dale! Stepping stones out of view and the tarmac road also flooded.

The next section takes you out of Milford and up onto the other side of the Dale, Raven Tor, Ilam Tops, Jacobs Ladder and Bunster Hill, a good push which totals 6 ish miles and 2734ft.

On the trot back up to the car up Lin Dale the stream was running quite fast, as the river Dove had flooded it had pushed the Dipper up and into the stream, great view of what is sometimes a difficult and private bird to see...

All in all a great 4 hours, it was actually 3hrs 42mins to cover 14.2 miles and 5984ft. Oh! and the Walsh's performed well, a harder ride that the Inov8's but more feel.


Simon said...

Some serious climb there Martin, sounds like a great trot. I was fighting the wind at Mickleden. And losing.

MattR said...

Quality picture of the Dipper too.