Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wirksworth Incline Race - 10th April

Tough week,

On Tuesday i went and did my usual hill reps, i use Jacksons Lane, an old green lane in Milford, speed reps and also i work on reducing recovery time at the bottom,

Managed the 6 as usual and then trotted off along the Chevin, turned and came back, on the final descent down Jacksons Lane, i had a really doggy foot fall and immediately felt my calf ache? Had i torn it was it cramp, felt really anxious about it...

After a hobble back to the car, some light stretching, which was not good, i made my way home, even pushing the clutch made me wince!

Rubbish, after leaving it a day or two i went out to take Jacob for a walk, and it still felt rotten, so i left it until Saturday before even trotting on it...... deciding to leave the Kinder Downfall, a race and route that has become important to me was tough, but let them know so they could use or allocate my number.

Couldn't stay at home, so i went and ran the Wirkswoth Incline Race, not to much of a climb and an all round great race, well run, well supported and some great folks!

So off i went, and warmed up, the weather was great and thoughts were with the guys doing the Kinder Downfall, 30th running of that race, so a shame i was not doing it! Good luck to Steve Shaw and Stephen Burt.

The race started and i found myself trotting up with no real issue, until i reached the old railway, a long slow climb up to the pulling station then right onto tow/three fields up to the Trig Point and turn, a nice bag during a race called "Batemans Plantation"

Running back on the descent i found that this irritated my calf more, but found myself passing other runners.

Finished in 39.13 which is 38 seconds faster than the last time i did this,

All round a great day!

Some photo's to follow.....


sbrt said...

Tks for the mention.

It was a shame this one clashed with the Downfall.

JessiePants said...

Well done, hope that your calf is feeling better.