Tuesday, October 7, 2008

26th September - Nottingham Marathon

Ok, here is an update,

Went to Tenerife and rested for the first day, ran 2 hrs day two and then each day for the rest of the holiday, found a hill and brought that into the route as well, cam eback to the Uk rested, tanned and 3 lbs lighter,

The Marathaon day was getting closer, 1 week to go, tappered down in the first part of the week then rested and ate like a pig for the last few days,

The heel is sore but is working better after the physio advice to stretch it and extend it.

Marathon date soon arrived and as i stood there on the line, waiting to start i really couldnt believe that i was about to run 26 miles.

Most of the entrants were doing the half marathin so it was difficult to judge a pace and i had twice as far to go,

The start was great a feeling of apprehension and confidence. I new this would be a journey and was looking forward to it.

The race began and i had a battle getting into a rhythm, but after 4 miles i had settle into a 9.30 mile pace.

At the half way point i was going well and enjoying it, half marathon down and as we peeled off, i could see the droves of runners finishing their half marathons, i felt a little low, as it hit me that i had another 13 to go.

Mile 18 was a killer, reaching Holme Pirepoint, seeing the length of distance around the lake! OMG.

Finished well after the little blip, walked for around two miles.

Marathon ........ what and experince

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