Monday, January 12, 2009

Shinning Cliffs Fell Rece - 11th January

Good weather over the last few days and the end of the big freeze gave great conditions for the race.

2 laps in hills behind the Hurt Arms Ambergate

A great event with some good fell runners in attendance - Lloyd Taggart for one,

First lap from the start i think i pushed to hard, the hill work gave me too much confidence and i felt burnt out by the end of the first lap at approx 30.42 secs,

Put my head down and kept going, pushing hard up the main hill at the start of the lap,

Seemed to start to breath properly at half way through the lap, guy in front of me had a really bad fall, and stopped to see if he was ok. he was and then found it hard to get gowing again,

Finished with a time of 1hr 11.02 112 overall, not great but happy as i really enjoyed it ...even the fall on the second rocky descent,

Race covered 6.5 miles - 1700ft of ascent

What a great way to spend 1.5 hrs

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