Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hill Training - Markeaton Park

Hill Training,

Well reps, have been planning a route around the park that needs to take in a minimum of 200+ft of ascent in a mile,

Last night, sorted it,

This gives a route that i can train on, lap by lap,

And if i need to carry out speed work, three fast laps then recover,

Or if i need stamina, 10 laps,

All good,

Last night did 5 laps (5 miles), covering 1300 ft, with run in and home,

Loads more snow in Derby.....

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Arboretum said...

Hill training Markeaton Park.
Not for me but.....
Seems like an interesting page for
If you're interested; pass me the info and the links/contacts you wish with it.