Monday, January 11, 2010

Shinning Cliffs Fell Race - 10th Jan

Really snowy/icy conditions for the race.

Arrived early and recce'd the course with Steve Shaw, friend and Dark Peaker

2 laps in hills behind the Hurt Arms Ambergate

A great event with some good fell runners in attendance, only the die hards' turned up for this one with a temperature of -2 ( wind made it feel like -7)

First lap from the start i think i pushed just right, turned at the top with plenty of energy, for the descent

Put my head down and kept going, pushed really hard to the split.

Then arrived at the split to find that we were being directed back up the climb, you are joking here, i managed to pace myself for the descent then another climb

Some runners questioned this, and after a while, we were informed to do the climb then back,

Arrived at the cone with a second loop to do, what a cock up,

But finished really strong, legs felt great, stamina is there just need to get them legs moving faster..... Speed sessions on hills i think.

Race covered TBC miles - TBC ft of ascent

Finished 74th in 44.45 which i can't say is correct, some 13 mins behind the winner and 3 mins of mid table.

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