Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grindleford Recce - 31st January

Woke up, got ready, had granola, nuts and fruit breakfast, and pint of Water.

Defrosted the car, picked Steve up and drove to Bakewell,

Parked car in Bakewell nr the Monsal Trail at 6.35am,

Warmed up, checked map, put head torch on and off,

We had arranged to run the complete ruote of the Grindleford Gallop, 21 miles, but decided to start at the Monsal Trail checkpoint,


The weather was cold, sharp frost overnight, and the ground hard underfoot,

First leg went really well, knocking 30 mins of previous recce, it helps when you don't have to check the map so much,

Through Baslow and up from the Village onto Balsow Edge, past Eagle Rock and along the ridge until we dropped down to then go back up to Curbar Edge then onto Frogatt Edge.

The run across Frogatt was great, great views and you could see the cold mist in the valley, so many photographers out trying to get that special sunrise shot over the edge.

From the end of the edge dropped down and then made our way on a bit of the route i have never ran, straight after Eyam, a lane, green lane, that was so icy, the ice must have been 2 inches thick in places, a real wind tunnel bitter wind,

Then across to the climb up Longstone More, two, three, four, five stiles, one of which didn't even have a fence either side, a real push until the top of the moor,

A really rocky descent down into Great Longstone, and then pick the Monsal Trail up,

At this point Steve seemed a little rocky, i think he needed fuel so pushed some into his face and then plodded down the Monsal trail,

Finished in 4hr 34min, great effort, tired but not broken, covered the 21 miles and 4,345ft.

I think on the day of the race, if paced properly might be able to crack 4 hrs.

Stephen Shaw


4 Winds said...

Sounds like a good trot!

Simon said...

Ey Up Martin

Steve at 'Run Forest Run' put me on to your blog - I'm doing the Gallop too, recced a few sections and hoping for a couple more this weekend.

This will be my longest race to date so not sure what to expect, although I've been hitting 20 milers in training lately.

Anyway, all the best with it, drop me a line and let me know how you went on!