Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Training - 13th/14th February

Well, that's what i call a weekends workout,

Saturday start early with hill reps, found a hill not to far away from home,

Its part of the Wilmot Wander route, cross the main road nr the back of Quarndon, and up the hill,

I have found a section that is not to steep to start with, but then just creeps up on you,

Started in the dark at 6.45am, and pushed hard up hill keeping at least 18.30 min mile pace and then for the downhills,

These i took at 7.20's so really punished the quads,

I had been doing this for 1 hr 15 mins when i reached the top of the climb to find a dog and a runner, nutter, must be like me i thought, and he was Stephen Burt, somebody that follows my blog, strange but true, had a natter then we went on our own separate ways,

(Stephen is competing in the DarkWhite Mini MM's this next weekend so good look for that, and see you soon! Drop me a line to let me know how you get on.....)

Managed a total of 6 miles and 2000ft of ascent, in 1hr 30 mins, good solid BGR times

Sunday, well that was a whole new world, agreed to run a route that i have run a few times before, starting at the water tower on Radbourne lane, across the Vickerwood estate towards Allestree Water Tower, then follow the Wilmot route in reverse until you reach the a split in the footpath, take the left towards Holbrook, four sharp descents and climbs later we returned to the split,

This is a tough little route covering 18 plus miles and 4650ft, covered in 3hrs 44 mins.

Total for the weekend 24 miles/6650ft -

My legs today feel like tenderised meat, its not pleasant.

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sbrt said...

Very impresive.

Good to meet you Martin.