Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leg's that just don't seem to recover

Unsure if it's down to the amount of training i have done,

A good friend of mine Nick Cable, said that your legs can take 10 time more than you think,

But this week, i really can't see that, but then when i look at the miles i have done in the last 4 weeks over the time taken and ft of ascent, then maybe......

151 miles
at an average pace of 12.35min miles

That might explain it.

its calf pain, just constant aching, and stiffness,

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Daz H said...

good blog mate
thanks for the comment on my blog. Nice to know your a local and into the fells.
Hope your Bg wish comes true. Just keep at it. Its all in the mind, well a bit of climbing as well.