Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sandstone Trail - 27th February

The Sandstone Trail

Planned this for some time, previously lived in Nantwich so wanted to do this,

Dad walked it last year and suggested i gave it a crack, so reviewed the route,

Splits nicely into three sections each approx 12 miles each,

North section - "Frodsham - Willington"

Central Section - "Willington - Bickerton"

Southern Section - "Bickerton - Whitchurch"

After some careful final planning around tow other longish events, Grindleford 21 miler and Wilmot Wander 32 miler i decided in the 27th February,

Arrived late to my folks house on the friday night after what can only be described as a hard mental week at work, managed to get some runs in to taper down but on each one felt knackered but mentally not physically,

Got up at 5.30am - had big bowl of pre long race granola and fruit etc,

As i had arranged to have a support, Dad drove me to Frodsham for a 7am start, it seemed after a really wet week that the weather would be kind, just unsure how it woudl be through the next 36 miles,

First section out of Frodsham was tough early pain from a hard push up onto the ridge overlooking the estuary into Liverpool, i could see Runcorn and a great view back down towards Frodsham,

The idea was to work to the schedule that i had given my Dad, he would meet me at set places with a general shout of support or a scheduled stop for rest up to 5 mins and food - testing some BG foods (soup, Cornish pastie, ravioli) and a drink warm if possible,

After the first 5 miles i arrived at the first stop and was running 5 mins ahead of schedule, the going was tough for the first section, sandstone ridge, Dad said i looked white but i had pushed hard wanting to keep the schedule alive, not even starting to break the back of the total distance yet to be covered but, ensuring that i was pushing as hard as i could.

Second section seemed to be easier, i just got my head down and focused on reaching the next goal, from doing the longer distances i think its easier to break it down mentally, 6 x 6 mile chunks, and when that one is done, its focus on the next one, works for me,

Met Dad, at the next stop and was 15 mins up, and ready for some food, so had soup, and then pushed on, had an 8 min break at that stop, so was always getting along with the tiem and distance well,

Enjoy running like this so much, on your own taking it all in, noticing little things, Buzzards, Hares and a lot of Pewits, or Lapwings depending where you are from, nothing beats running the hills on your own, or with your dog,

More to follow,


4 Winds said...

'nothing beats running the hills on your own, or with your dog' -

amen to that!


MattR said...

It's a great feeling to be out there on your tod, the stresses and strains of the working week left way behind. Great post - enjoyed the account.

sbrt said...

Nice one Martin

The postie has just delivered the spring Fell Runner magazine. There is a Sandstone Trail race mentioned in the calender updates. Sun Oct 3rd.

Light hearted fell runner, plodder and all round smiling face. said...

yeah, i think they run two distances from memory, i ran the three sections, north, central and southern, the race takes part in the northern section from memory,

I think the Beeston, Peckforton sections are great fell running,

Cheers Martin