Friday, March 23, 2012

Grindleford Gallop 2012

Grindleford Gallop 2012.

Seems like ages ago.... But i think this race must have been the point when i realised that i am doing something right this year.

Training for the BGr is going so well, and gaining the core strength before getting the longer days in.

"Cold Day Recce on the Grindleford gallop route - just near Curbar Gap."

So, after a rotter of an end to last year, i entered this Beautiful route, something that i have always found to be a really tough challenge.

Sitting at home the night before i realised what had encouraged me to knock 17 mins of the Wilmot Wander this year, writing the checkpoint times on the back of my hand. So proceeded to find split time for a runner that ran 3hr 45min last year.

Wrote them down and placed them on my hand the following morning,

"Checkpoint times"

I had also ran the route twice, once in snow and the other in really icy conditions, and on both occasions found it tough, but in my mind i had made the click, after thinking the route through.

So. saw loads of familiar faces when i arrived and remained focused, Steve, also a Dark Peak runner, traveled across with me and he later said that i looked really focused.

And off....... i decided that i really should focus on my own race and times and very quickly saw the field disappear, but as one guy said let the tide go out! and it will come back in!

Checkpoint one and i was 2 mins up on the 3hr 45 min times, Checkpoint 2 and i had gained another 3 mins, so let off a little just in case,

When i came to the long slow climb up onto Longstone Moor i saw Steve who has set off like a train, he cramping up, to much to soon, passed Steve, which is something that i have never done.

Before i new it i was off the Monsal trail and climbing back up towards Hassop. With only one climb to go and the run through Chatsworth, i felt that i could do this, arriving at Baslow i could see three or four Dark Peak Runners, and seemed to be taking time out of the runners in front of me, which was surprising.

Climbed up to Eagle Rock and then across the edge to Curbar Gap and on to finish, trying not to even think about looking at the time, just getting on with it,

A finishing time of 3hrs 36min, placing me provisionally 141st, but then to 148th out of 337.
That's 28 mins off my PB.

Can't complain at that!

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sbrt said...

Top Galloping mate.