Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Training for the hills!

After a few years of promising to spend less time running i have finally but my hand in my pocket,

It took me an age to decide and after some careful consideration, i have a Genesis Croix De Fer!

The sales blurb states the following:

Equally well suited to winter commuting on the roads or hammering down sun baked bridleways or even exploring the world, it’s a versatile and beautiful bicycle that crosses many boundaries.

I have clocked up some 80 miles during the two and a half weeks i have had it, first week was painful, but not ridden a bike for some 5 years.

Seem to be getting fitter, as the routes i have chosen are 10 miles long and take in 3 or 4 climbs,

The key is that when i get home i have no Fell Running pain in my legs at all, also i seem to be able to get up faster than ever,

Cycling + Rest + Small Hilly Reps = better fell race times this year ( fingers crossed)

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