Friday, January 2, 2009

Full Sun - 2nd January

This is a hard route - leaving Milford and heading for a ridge run, dropping back down into the Belper Valley before another up hill section.

This really is a tough route and when racing last year completed this is 1 hr 31 mins.

Set off feeling rather weak in the legs but soon found my pace, pushed hard up the hill until i reached the ridge. at this stage the last time i did this route i felt exhausted and really had to relax to stop from tying up.

As i reached the third part of the climb from arriving at the village and then up through the woods i felt really strong, i think those hill reps are helping as i usually stop half way up this section,

As i climbed to the farm i hit a running wall and fast walked which i great for technique training, saved some gas and then when i hit the top i started to lenghtne my stride and ran around the back of the woods and down to the main road.

Running down the main road and along teh river i found that i could keep around 8.45 - 9 min miles which after covering the terrain i thought was good, looking at the Garmin and realising i had just under 2 miles to go i new i could take a fair chunk of the old time,

Finished with a big push up the hill and stopped the Garmin on 1hr 23 mins ( cutting a huge chunk off 8 mins)

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